Four Options When a Creditor Sues You

Getting sued by a creditor is a dangerous situation. It would be best if you let the law protect you instead of being on the wrong side of it. Skelton Law firm will get your financial affairs in order, and walk you through the processes of bankruptcy.

The first thing you need to do is call Susan Skelton at Skelton Law firm before you do anything else. Skelton Law Firm has extensive experience to get you back where you want to be.

If a creditor has begun the process of suing you, you need a good bankruptcy attorney and you can quickly help yourself get out of this situation. It may seem scarier than it really is. Be aware that you are not alone, and it happens all of the time to good people. Don’t take it too personally. A creditor is only doing business, and no harm will come to you. No one will actually come and break your door down. But, getting the right bankruptcy protection lawyer is what will help.

By taking the right steps, you can avoid further disruption of your life. Calling Susan Skelton will definitely help you. If you think that you can’t afford an attorney, it is okay to call for advice. You will get much-needed assistance on bankruptcy law. Go to Everett, Washington’s bankruptcy protection expert lawyers: 

  • An important tip is to call a bankruptcy attorney before looking up information on the Internet about how to take the law into your own hands. This information is not always reputable. If you do not have legal expertise or do not know the difference between a creditor and a scam, please read our blog for more information. Be wise! Call an expert!

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Stressed couple as a creditor sues them.

Four Options to take when being sued by a debt collector:

1.) Ignore – typically a bad option. The court will award a default judgment to the other side and attach it as a lien, levy bank account and garnish wages. Also negatively impactful on credit score. The same as letting them win. Only a good idea if the person has no non-exempt assets (no job, no bank account, no real estate), or if only has social security. 

2.) Fight, forcing the other side to prove their case. The attorney knows the law and can force the other side to prove that they are the rightful owner of the debt and that it is legitimate. Many times, they will agree to withdraw because they don’t have all the necessary documents. Fair debt collectors act. They often will back down and leads to dismissal. They rarely go to trial. The plaintiff either has the proof or not.

3.) Settle. With or without an attorney. Structured settlements either lump sum for a portion or a payment plan with something down. We typically do not assist with Settlements at this time.

4.) File Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or 13 — the least expensive and the easiest way to deal with the situation. If you have a big mess, then you may want to consider this. You pay back no more than you are required to under federal law, which is often nothing.

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