High Rents in Everett Encourage Helpful Solutions

If you are a renter, you have been aware of rising rents in the Snohomish County and surrounding areas. However, Everett is a city that cares about its citizens and offers solutions for high rents that can help you with your finances and bring together the community. Regardless of your income, or if you are in an emergency situation or not, Everett’s a good place to be when you watch your budget.

Overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.

The first thing to know is that if you are concerned about your money, there are great services that are easy to find, people who will be happy to explain to you options, plus a wide variety of ways that will allow you valuable financial knowledge. Call Everett Bankruptcy Experts Skelton Law Firm for financial recovery.

Try these local solutions to help you with money

  • PUD offers a discount that is based on your income- You do not have to pay for a large electric/utility bill. PUD will give you 20, 40 and 60% off your bill based on your income. You won’t get the discount unless you call them and when you do they are pleased to work with you. Click on the link Low-Income Discount program.
  • Catholic Community Services of Western Washington and Snohomish County: 918 Everett Ave. Assists many with clothes, food supply, free counseling and a host of so many things to help you with what you need.
  • Clothes For Kids: 16725 52nd Ave W, Suite B Lynnwood. This service provides free clothes and supplies for your child.

Food Assistance is Available

Snohomish County Food Pantries are available to help anyone at any time with a lack of food. You are welcome regardless of age, sex, gender, or race. A few of these services include:

Bethel Baptist Church 2625 Hoyt Ave.

Everett United Church of Christ 2624 Rockefeller Ave.

Salvation Army 2525 Rucker Ave. 

Volunteers of America Food Bank 1230 Broadway

High rent solutions are also available in Everett at these locations:

Arc of Snohomish County 2500 Hewitt Ave. #300

Housing Consortium of Everett 2827 Rockefeller Ave.

Housing Hope 3125 Oakes Ave

Buy/ Sell Communities are Active in Everett

  • Snohomish County Buy, Sell, Trade & Barter– This is an awesome community of people that donate time, buy, sell, trade things to each other in Snohomish County. They are your local neighbors and have a very impressive website and Facebook page.
  • Use Everett Transit instead of driving. Everett has every transportation system you could possibly want in a city. Using a bus saves people money every day. There are multiple stops all over the area.
  • Everett now uses the Lime Scooter sharing program. Lime Scooters provide transportation throughout the city for $1 with a requirement of a standard helmet. You simply can use any scooter parked in the city and leave it in a designation spot when you are done with it.
  • Letgo and Craigslist offer free items, which ask that you pick up the item. Some people will even pay you to pick up their items.

Bankruptcy is a way to repair your financial situation and to find numerous ways to start looking at your flow of money in a different way. Skelton Law Firm will point you in a positive direction towards your goals.

Everett Bankruptcy Experts Skelton Law Firm has a passion for helping people in difficult financial times. As Susan’s clients like to describe her, Susan Skelton is: “A Lawyer you can talk to.”

The Everett Bankruptcy Experts Skelton Law Firm will take time to explain to you and give you key references for financial independence. You can call them for information regarding any legal questions that you may have. (360) 822-7224 You never know when someone might tell you just the little bit of information that made all the difference. Call them today.

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