Rebuild Credit Score

How Bankruptcy Can Help Rebuild Your Credit Score

Bankruptcy means you will be protected from your creditors. Once you understand the process and go through bankruptcy, you are represented in all of your debt management. All of it is taking care of. It can be the best and most responsible way to rebuild your credit score and be debt-free.

Rebuild Credit Score Skelton Law Firm

You will not only be debt-free, but you will receive offers for credit faster than you would if you never called a Law Firm. You will have credit card offers in the mail before you get your notifications from the bankruptcy court. 

Credit card companies absolutely love people who just filed bankruptcy, and they’re happy to extend credit to you. However, after a formal bankruptcy, you will have the financial education and knowledge to handle your credit better. You will be in charge of your finances once again.

Simple, Affordable Everett Bankruptcy Attorney pivots business for Snohomish County clients during the Covid-19 shut-in

Tell Skelton Law Firm your story

You need to tell your bankruptcy story, and most attorneys won’t even call you back. It’s a frustrating, debilitating, and difficult time to figure out if and how you are going to file for bankruptcy.

Clients searching for bankruptcy attorneys can often feel lost or underserved as it is tough weeding through all the attorneys online, finding fair priced attorneys that are locally convenient and provide a quality service. Skelton Law Firm is located in Everett, WA, and will answer any questions over the phone quickly and promptly. Call Now at (360) 822-7224.

Skelton Law Firm helps rebuild your credit score and puts an end to your financial instability

Although Everett will not be closed for long, we still have the next month to go through, and you are not going to be alone on your journey when you call Skelton Law Firm to find an end to financial instability.

Susan Skelton will not judge you when you call her for help. Skelton Law Firm is interested in your story and will take more time with you, the client. Susan will explain to you how bankruptcy is a great way to improve your credit score and keep your house out of foreclosure.

Skelton Law Firm understands your situation

You have a chance to make things right when it comes to your credit history and your financial needs. Skelton Law Firm has assisted 5,000 plus clients and will continue to help more people have financial relief.

Susan Skelton has helped non-profit organizations and members of Catholic Community Services. She understands what you are going through and will go above and beyond to file your bankruptcy case with care. 

Skelton Law Firm is an Everett Bankruptcy Lawyer, Estate Planner, and trusted Snohomish County business.

The COVID-19 pandemic does not have to stop you from beginning your new financial journey. Call Skelton today for a FREE consultation here to see if you would make a good candidate for bankruptcy at (360) 822-7224. Check us out on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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