Will or Living Trust Everett Attorney

Estate Planning

We specialize in setting up wills and trusts in Washington State. Do you have a Will? Preparing for death, or for a time when you may not be able to take care of all of your affairs, is not something people want to do; it is definitely not what most people would consider a “fun time”.  But it is important to have a Will that directs who is in charge of taking care of your final affairs and where you want your assets and “stuff” to go when you pass.

If you die without a Will (or intestate), your family will have added expense and delays while they go through the Probate Court to have your assets distributed and title changed to your heirs at law.  And sometimes the people who inherit under the law aren’t necessarily the people you would want to receive your assets!

Having a Will is also terribly important if you have minor children—a Will is where you name a Guardian for your children and where you might set up a Trust for their care and education.  If you have life insurance or equity in your home, your estate could be worth a substantial amount of money by the time you pass away- you want to make sure your children are protected and taken care of properly.

There are so many issues that arise when thinking about Wills and Trusts, including Community Property, joint ownership, second marriages, etc.  Having a caring attorney on your side is invaluable.  I pride myself in my attention to detail and my desire to create an estate plan that fits your needs.

Having our experts help you with your Will in Everett, WA is a great start.