Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 13

Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 13

Snohomish County Expert Bankruptcy Attorney Skelton Law Firm offers free consultations for those needing assistance with filing Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 will help you with the following items.

  • Seeking bankruptcy relief.
  • Bankruptcy protection. 
  • Car repossession.
  • Avoiding paying back bad debts that may lead to serious financial obligations.
  • You are a single parent and are leaning towards debt or have debt.
  • Unsure of who and what you owe.
  • Need debt consolidation.
  • Uncertain of whether or not you should file for bankruptcy.
  • Think that you might owe the IRS money on your taxes.

Please speak with the certified bankruptcy specialist and attorney, such as Everett expert debt relief attorneys at Skelton Law Firm. The call is free; the consultation is free, and feeling free from debts will make all the difference.

Most of those that need to file Snohomish County or Everett, Wa bankruptcy, may not know the difference between filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

All you have to do is talk to Susan or Steven Skelton at Skelton Law Firm, and they will be more than happy to tell you which to file. You can even read about the differences between chapter 7 and chapter 13 personal bankruptcy protection at our informative bankruptcy blog services here.

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The attorneys at Skelton Law Firm know just how to prepare your financial decisions, goals, and payments or even save your car if you have received notice of repossession. If you are behind in alimony payments, chapter 13 will help you catch up without the government cutting into your wages.

Chapter 13 will help you with:

  • Possible bank foreclosures.
  • Auto repossession.
  • Alimony payments.
  • Back taxes.
  • Interest owed on an accrued back tax debt.

When you agree and stick to the plan carefully that is individually selected by Susan or Steven Skelton at Skelton Law Firm, you will maintain control over your finances, your income, and your peace of mind.  You will be protected fully from any harassing creditors, and you will get to keep the things you have worked so hard to maintain. The property you keep is known as your non-exempt property.

Skelton Law Firm will sit with you and give you free, honest advice on what you can do to help you pay back your debts with limited aggravation.

When you file personal bankruptcy chapter 13, you can pay back your debts over time and keep your property. Leave it up to Skelton Law Firm to decide for you. You may not even have to file bankruptcy at all. You will never know financial freedom until you call now at (360) 822-7224.

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