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If you are a Snohomish County or Washington state resident and are disabled, collect disability, social security, or other federal, and state benefits, and you are being pursued by creditors, you need debt relief. Even if you do not receive any benefits and are waiting on a court settlement on your disability, you have options to control what happens to you financially.

If you are being pressured to pay debts, and think you need to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call Everett Bankruptcy Attorney Expert Susan Skelton at Skelton Law Firm for the following reasons.

  • Unemployment
  • Recently divorced
  • On sick or /medical leave
  • Permanently disabled
  • Temporarily disabled
  • Struggling with behavioral health issues
  • You are a single parent.
  • Late with alimony or child support
  • Unsure of who and what you owe
  • Need debt consolidation
  • Uncertain of whether or not you should file for bankruptcy
  • Think that you might owe the IRS money on your taxes


Skelton Law Firm is Everett’s, Snohomish County, and Washington state’s most trusted bankruptcy attorney. When you are under pressure, we are here to help. We offer Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection and have since 2003. 

Susan Skelton will sit with you in a FREE 1-hour consultation. The consultation will include the following and she will help you with the items below.

  • Sit down with you and listen to you without judgment. 
  • Let you know what you need to bring in regards to paperwork, paystubs, notices, etc.
  • Discuss what the problem is.
  • What are the rules for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy 
  • If you need to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Go through income and expenses
  • What you owe and who you owe
  • What items you need to keep such as car, house, boat, etc.
  • What are your financial goals as far as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

STOP debt collection abuse when you call Washington State Chapter 7 Attorneys Skelton Law Firm at (360) 822-7224

Skelton Law Firm is located conveniently at 1812 Hewitt Ave #210 Everett, Wa 98201

Susan deals with creditors and the distribution of payments. She will find out who to write the checks out to and help determine who is paid and how much is paid. If you are unsure if you can make any payments at all, call Susan anyway. She can determine that for you. 

Serving clients in Everett, Snohomish, and throughout Washington State, we will fight for you. 

Founded by Susan Skelton, attorney at law, the team members at Skelton Law have a passion for helping people in difficult financial times. We are dedicated professionals here to help you with your bankruptcy and estate planning needs. The Skelton family has worked with many Everett bankruptcies and individuals struggling financially, and make it a mission to give back to their community.

Chapter 7 is Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcy protection means an end to creditor phone calls. Once you legally file bankruptcy or a bankruptcy chapter, you are protected from further action from anyone in regards to what you owe on a debt. Bankruptcy will help provide a fresh start to your finances.

Bankruptcy is the act of asking for legal help and provides a legal statement so that you will no longer be pressured to pay your bills or have added maintenance fees to any debt.

Your credit will be disrupted for a while after bankruptcy protection begins. If you are looking to file bankruptcy and are concerned about worsening your credit, the smartest way is to get the protection. The strike from bankruptcy protection is insignificant compared to the damage your credit is getting without it. When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you ARE using bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy protection can protect you legally from

  • harassment of creditor phone calls
  • wage garnishments
  • growing interest rates or fees from unpaid debts
  • auto-repossession
  • house-repossession
  • repossession of other items such as boats, motorcycles, motor-equipment (If a loan or credit was involved

Bankruptcy protection will strongly improve your relationship with money and your credit over time.

  • Many clients report feeling secure and more confident with their credit options after filing. Some are ready to make big purchases quickly after receiving a discharge.
  • Chapter 7 is the most commonly used bankruptcy chapter.


We are Debt Relief Agents. We assist people in filing for Bankruptcy Relief under the Bankruptcy Code. If you are ready to tackle a bankruptcy problem, need help with estate planning, wills, trusts, or obtaining a power of attorney, the team at Skelton Law Firm is ready to go to work for you. While this website provides general information, it does not constitute legal advice. To schedule a meeting with an attorney, please call or complete the intake form.

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